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ATEX provides 24/7 maintenance services and parts supply of Industrial Safety equipment to manufacturing facilities — especially those that operate near or at capacity, or which depend upon processes that are costly to suspend —
Atex Fire and explosion Protection Ltd provides 24/7 services.

The 24/7 Service is an all-day and all-year customer service. The 24/7 is an additional service provided to clients with a valid preventive maintenance agreement.

We provide our clients with a unique telephone number and email address to contact one of our service engineers by telephone and email in case of any disturbance or system failure outside normal office hours and on public holidays and weekends.

Please contact ATEX for more information.

Contact details:
Click or Call and you will be directed to a live technician and not to an automated answering machine.

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ATEX Fire and Explosion Protection Services Pty

2/85 Triholm Avenue, Laverton VIC 3028

PO Box 7206, Point Cook VIC 3030



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