The ATEX Dry Chemical-based Advanced Suppression System is a multi-purpose, high efficiency suppressor, discharging non-toxic flame-extinguishing powder into the protected plant using fast acting non-explosively actuated valves.

The gas generators activate the suppression bottles in the event of an explosion. A specially devel-oped, reusable leaf valve ensures that the bottles are opened quickly. The extinguishing powder is suddenly introduced into the developing explosion cloud, acting specifically on the explosion flame. The flames are prevented from spreading. Once having been triggered, the valve can easily be replaced, allowing the entire system to be activated again within a very short time. This avoids long shutdown time for your plant.

ATEX Hot Water Suppressors were specifically designed for the Dairy Drying Industry. With water stored in a temperature and pressure controlled unit, it provides a unique advantage in larger vessels. Before the advent of HWS DCS were used on these vessels.

But the DCS had two major drawbacks discharge distance as they were practically limited to 10 feet of throw as the discharge velocity was constantly decreasing after release from the suppressor. It also required a large amount of cleanup. The HWS do not have a cleanup problem. On release the Water flashes to a vapor accelerating and providing an unobstructed discharge pattern in the vessel making it ideal for the large vessel volume.

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