Early Fire Detection System

ATEX CO Systems can detect the incipient development of a fire by sensing and comparing the inlet and outlet air for CO content. The System monitors the process air for the presence of volatile pyrolysis components immediately registering these indications of thermal decomposition or of smoulder spot development. The system detects a difference of 1 ppm. Self-ignition processes are detected as soon as they start and can be stopped effectively.


Drying milk in spray towers is one important application.The probes are placed at all air inlets and outlets, continually sending air samples to the CO detection control cabinet where they are treated and filtered. The differential between the sum of inlet samples is compared with the sum of outlet samples. When the CO differential reaches one of three programmable levels, the appropriate alarm is signaled:

Inform the operator (recommending system inspection) (e.g. 0.5ppm)
Automatically shut down the process (e.g. 1.5ppm)
And/or activate a rapid suppression system to extinguish the potential fire. (e.g. 3ppm)
By this means, a potential explosion or fire risk is averted in the very early stages. Continuous calibration is done by checking the process reference gas against a sample gas to improve accuracy. Differential CO removes the influence of external CO variations!


Can detect an incipient fire in under 10 seconds.
Reduces the potential for explosions.
Reduces consequential loss from fire.
Very low maintenance costs.
On-site inspection by plant personnel.
Quick installation and commissioning.

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