This active system is used to decouple the emerging flame front. The barrier is particularly useful in reduced-pressure equipment, in combination with explosion pressure relief or explosion suppression systems. In the event of a hazardous event, gas generators activate the extinguishing agent bottle.

The quick closing valve is part of an active explosion isolation system. In the event of ignition, it is activated by solenoid valves. Air flows out of a compressed air reservoir into the drive cylinder, closing the slide valve within milliseconds. Both the flames and the spread of pressure are effectively stopped. After having been triggered, the slide valve can be reactivated without needing a repair, and because of its non-destructive operation it can be validated at any time.

This ATEX feature provided the operator with an easy check of the valve mechanics since the slow stroke test is more severe than the anger test. This test meets the requirements of NFAP without an anger test that destroys the firing mechanism defeating the purpose of the test. The valve is connected by a removable plug to allow maintenance as required and easy valve disconnection as required without disconnecting wiring. Because of the unique ATEX benefits the entire system can be user maintainable without the high cost of factory service.

This explosion barrier valve is extremely effective in flow areas with low dust concentration in the explosive category 1 and 2 range. They function without external electrical detection and control systems and their unique design allows them to be reconditioned, maintained and reused at exceptional low cost of operation. The construction uses a valve poppet suspended in the flow area between one or two valve seats. When an explosion occurs, the poppet is thrown against the internal valve seat by the pressure wave moving ahead of the flame front. It then locks into a closed position.

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